Is your computer not functioning? Looking to upgrade your existing computer? Not a problem we can diagnose and repair your machine to get you back up and running the quickest that we can.

Do you own a small business with no I.T. support staff? Not a problem Hey, I.T. dude! can take care of your needs. We work hours that our competitors do not and are on call for all of your needs. We can also offer Managed Services, please see related section for more information.

We can also offer you are Managed Services. What that entails is that we will monitor your network remotely, and receive updates on the health of your network. Most of the time we will know of an issue before you will. We know that you do not have time to sit there and monitor every piece of equipment that you own. You have a bottom line to uphold. Our bottom line is to keep our customers operational. If this is a service that interest you please contact us today.

Know that you need a Web Site, but do not know the first step to take? Consult us, and we will help guide you though process. We offer Web Site design and hosting, so if this is something that you have been thinking about for a while now, stop! Contact us today to get your foot print on the Internet!

Are you looking to have a custom vinyl made? We offer vinyl decal services, anything from personalized for your car, to lettering for businesses. Anything that you can think of we can do. We offer the best prices around. Not close to pick up or have them delivered? Not a problem we ship them to you (small fee may apply).

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